Latest news and insights from Australia’s airports

Sydney Airport rolls out the welcome mat for Chinese growth

The arrival of two new direct services to China in two days marked a busy week, even for an airport that has established itself as one of the world’s most popular destinations for Chinese airlines. Sydney Airport now serves 17 mainland China destinations with direct flights and is joining other major Aussie airports in welcoming increasing numbers of Chinese tourists.

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Sydney data to help passengers

Sydney Airport is pursuing an “open data” strategy designed to give passengers key information across a range of platforms that allows them to take charge of their journey and reduce the stress of air travel. The strategy aims to use data collected by the airport and its partners to improve efficiency and ease a customer’s journey by delivering helpful information such as queue wait times.

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Solar just the start for Brisbane Airport’s sustainability focus

It will be the southern hemisphere’s biggest commercial rooftop solar array, an 11,675 square-metre field of 7,133 solar panels covering Brisbane Airport’s international terminal. And that’s only part of a bigger 6 megawatt system spread across six Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) sites. At 36,000 square metres, the overall system is twice the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and will need 200kms of cabling to hook it up.

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