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Launceston Airport passenger numbers grow

Launceston Airport has reported five per cent passenger growth in the first quarter of the 2018-19 financial year compared to the prior year.

Launceston Airport General Manager Paul Hodgen said the airport would continue to focus on building its tourism offering together with local partners.

“Tourism is a growth industry right across Australia, and while we’ve seen terrific growth in passenger numbers so far this year, the reality is every state is investing heavily in capturing the hearts and minds of travellers seeking a new destination,” Mr Hodgen said.

“But we absolutely must continue to work together as an industry – airlines, airport, city and regional destinations – to put Launceston on the map and ensure we keep bringing visitors into the region.”

The airport will invest in a new destination marketing campaign in conjunction with Jetstar in the new year, while expanded car rental facilities will also continue to enhance the passenger experience.

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