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Airservcies ready for the future

Airservices Australia published their 2016–17 Annual Report which shows the transformation to more customer-focused organisation with strong foundations to manage the safety of Australian skies.

Airservices Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield welcomed the publication of Airservices Australia’s 2016–17 Annual Report, which demonstrates Airservices significant transformation after a year of intense change.

“The results speak for themselves. In just 18 months we have transitioned to a far more customer-focused organisation with a strong foundation for our role in managing the safety of Australian skies,” Mr Harfield said.

“In making the difficult decisions and investing the time and resources it demanded, Airservices has become a stronger, more agile and efficient organisation.”

Under the Accelerate Program Airservices has delivered annualised savings of $177m and returned to profitability, with an underlying $59 million Net Profit after Tax. During the 2016–17 financial year Airservices cut total expenses by 15.2 per cent on the previous year.

As a result of this financial turnaround Airservices was able to hold prices steady in 2016-17 and 2017-18 and will be well-positioned to consider a price decrease in future years.

The 2016–17 Annual Report highlights Airservices continuing strong safety performance with zero significant safety occurrences during the period, and its commitment to make the aviation industry safer and more efficient by investing $151 million into new technology and equipment.

Preparations for the launch of OneSKY, the most advanced air traffic control system in the world also progressed in the 2016–17 financial year with a contract executed for the CMATS Voice Communication System (VCS) Phase One as part of the Advanced Work Orders.

“The VCS Phase One is a key milestone for delivery of OneSKY which will create a more resilient, sustainable and efficient communications system in the short term and enable more benefits to be realised with the delivery of OneSKY,” Mr Harfield said.

“With the foundations laid during 2016-17, Airservices is in great shape to take on the challenges ahead, to evolve our business and processes to adapt to changing customer needs, and to continue playing a key role in keeping our skies safe.”

The Airservices 2016-17 Annual Report is available at

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